Thursday, January 22, 2015

About Largo Lab

Largo Lab at Largo das Artes 
with  Felippe Moraes

I have just received the information kit from Largo das Artes Art Residency. 

I am so trilled to know that Largo Lab - the platform for ideas where I will discuss and share my new project - will be coordinated by the artist and researcher Felippe Moraes. He is  so similar to my way of researching and investigating art by creating a relationship between the man and the world and trying to understand the language of the cosmos.

Before expanding the concept of static electricity I had a pendulum in my art kit to experiment with. It was for a kinetic project I started in 2013 but not fully realised yet... Moraes use of the pendulum is so inspiring that I wish to have developed it more...who never knows...maybe one day...

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Largo das Artes residency

Here I am,

ready to go for Rio de Janeiro. I will stay  at Largos das Artes for three months to develop my new project inspired by a natural phenomena called POROROCA, the longest wave in earth.

First experience as art in residency and first time in Brazil. 

I set up new challenges in my life:

1. learn a new language Portuguese
2. share my art within a new culture
3. evolve as artist

Largo das Artes International Art Residency Programme is designed for emerging artists wishing to immerse themselves in their work without the strains of everyday life. We provide them the space to explore practices, new ideas and materials; and to develop a project in Rio de Janeiro while receiving professional feedback and support. 
The selected artists have the chance to live and work in Rio de Janeiro and to participate in weekly activities such as talks, meetings with curators, exhibition tours and LargoLab. Participants are also encouraged to propose talks and workshops, and to learn about Rio’s art and cultural scenes. 
Largo das Artes International Art Residency Programme encourages professional development, artistic exchange and international contacts. The support, networks and creative environment offered by us provide an opportunity for artists to interact, learn, research and experiment with new works, materials, and concepts.
The central aspects of our Art Residency Programme are:

• Studio at Largo das Artes
• Opportunity to propose workshops and talks• Curatorial support through one-to-one meetings• Weekly brainstorming sessions (LARGOLAB)
• Administrative and logistics support from Largo das Artes
• Open studio event at the end of the residency to introduce the visiting artist to the public