Thursday, January 22, 2015

About Largo Lab

Largo Lab at Largo das Artes 
with  Felippe Moraes

I have just received the information kit from Largo das Artes Art Residency. 

I am so trilled to know that Largo Lab - the platform for ideas where I will discuss and share my new project - will be coordinated by the artist and researcher Felippe Moraes. He is  so similar to my way of researching and investigating art by creating a relationship between the man and the world and trying to understand the language of the cosmos.

Before expanding the concept of static electricity I had a pendulum in my art kit to experiment with. It was for a kinetic project I started in 2013 but not fully realised yet... Moraes use of the pendulum is so inspiring that I wish to have developed it more...who never knows...maybe one day...


  1. great to see that the inspirations follow you and you see them

    1. yes I am well tuned because I am passioned in what I do!

  2. Hi Marta, That video is awesome. Enjoy your residency - I'm enjoying your daily blogs!