Tuesday, April 28, 2015


A feast of colours. This is a game played in Brazil with two people. One person has to pass to the other person the flying object by hitting the base of it and launching it into the air. I bought one from the crafty man.

I went to visit another church called Igleja de nostra Seniora do Monte do Carmo where I found a spooky version of Jesus...

Then I bought the precious book of Adriana Verajao talking about the history of his country with references about her art, inspirations and concepts. It is an incredible source for who is interested to write an academic research. I thinking to do master next year to develop further my project Techno Entheogen so this book will help me to set my mind to write in depth my work in progress.

Today I finished the acoustic composition with Frado Monteiro. A big thanks to him that made it possible and to all Largo das Artes team for having handled the loud sound happening in my studio all this time! The installation will be finished by tomorrow morning...and for me will be the end and beginning of another adventure. I will expereince another shamanic ritual and then leave on the same night of the opening tomorrow !!!

Monday, April 27, 2015


Today I woke up while it was still raining cleansing the air and the energy like Tobi Utuna did for all of us preparing our spirit to the big event on Wednesday!

I spent all day at Largo das Artes with Frado Monteiro refining the sound once more and matching it with the frequencies. I cannot believe we will finish by tomorrow just in time! The most difficult part is to balance each woofer to its own frequencies and spices/herbs. I don't know yet how I will hide the electrical cords probably with transparent tape.

Miguel Sayad  and Paola organised a fair well for my departure, on Wednesday night, with soup and a delicious Portuguese white wile! Together with Ricardo Castro, Sarah Beatty and Boldo Korsig.

Sunday, April 26, 2015


It will be a special opening I am sure of it!!! Special guest the super and fabulous artist Ricardo Castro followed by me, Bodo Korsig, Sarah Beatty and Timea Tihanhy.

I spent all day packing, finalising 'barato' editing and organising the invites for Wednesday opening! No time left for photos... 

When I arrived in Rio I had already 28 kg packing tripod, 3 pocket projectors one tablet, external high drives and now I will have 10kg more packed into an extra luggage with all books and presents I bought... Oops!

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Paje' Tobi Utuna from Tupi Guarani tribe is the Indio that will initiate my techno entheogen installation. Yesterday came to Largo das Artes as well to cleansing the place and today to do another special ritual for me to reinforce my energy ready for the opening. He did the ritual in the garden of my accommodation together with Miguel Sayad and Bodo Korsig. The fire was our spiritual guide and all the ceremony lasted until the fire switched off. 

When finished the ritual Bodo set up his camera for a selfy picture of us together.I am looking forward to see Tobi again on the opening day! 

Tobi invited me to visit Brazil once more because he will prepare another ritual for me together with all his Indio tribe! Amazing...it is a deja' vu for me... I experienced this same moment during one of my meditation session 14 years ago.

Tobi instructed me that I should wear all white for the opening and he gave me a beautiful decorative hear stick made with eagrette, seagull, oak, peacock, parrots bird feathers and seeds. So today I went to buy a white dress.

After shopping in Gavea district I went to visit two galleries close by. One Silva Cintra +4 with the well known Brazilian photographer and artist Miguel Rio Branco solo exhibition called 'Mecanique des Femmes - la suite' about feminility and sensuality choosing red as colour of love and passion.

The other gallery was Anita Swartz with the artist Maria Lynch. It was so so immersing and playful all about colours, toys and pop-corns! The sophisticated gallery was transformed into a huge container of pop-corns. I really enjoyed walking bear feet on it, hearing the noise and feeling the smell while inebriated by the colours of the paintings surrounding the walls!

To celebrate this fantastic day I went to eat at a very nice restaurant Guimas serving antipasto with quinoa and shrimps salad and toasting with maracuja' caipirinha! What a incredible last Saturday at Rio!