Thursday, February 19, 2015


Today back to Largo das Artes studio to meet Felippe Moraes and discuss about our work, all three os us, me, Alina Teodorescu and Luka Moncaleano. We are doing well and in someway all three touching the same subject of spirituality although developed in a very different way. My work is approaching rigour and ethereal/mystical, Alina religious and confronting, Luka ritualistic/anthropological. Felippe suggested me to look at the Chaos' theory and download the 'Story of Maths' at BBC website. Great link!

Than I went out for a late lunch with my friends, but before eating we stopped at a little church close by. Beside the church there was a little door where all the 'ex voti' made with wax were kept and nobody could stop me from doing photos... I am sorry for my friends I miss lunch with them. I asked Miguel Sayad were to find the place where these amazing wax objects are made... It is called Cera Tiradentes that means "wax pull out the teeth" 7 hours far North of Rio.

After 18 days here in Rio I am still not able to use the old style local mobile so I couldn't contact my friends. I decided to eat a delicious carne pastel (meat pastry) instead with a big glass of orange juice at Larajada Acat founded in 1970! We find each other once back to the studio and thanks to Luka, now I know how to contact him in case of need.

Miguel took us home driving his car through Santa Teresa area where we stopped to see a nocturne view of favelas. On the right of the photo below you can see Sambodromo platform where the Winners Carnival Parade will be performed on Saturday 21st... and guess what I will be there once again!

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