Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I finished my installation called Zenite in Portuguese or Zenith in English. Fifty kilos of dry ice will arrive tomorrow at 5pm and I will conserve them into a 60 litres foam box until 7pm so people will see Zenite coming alive just at the opening time! I managed to create a good illumination with spot led lights and I hang the tablet showing the video Mandala I on the black corridor prior the projecting room. The other video Mandala II will be projected inside of the black room surrounded by two big fans cooling down the high temperature of the room. The only disappointment are the 160 prints... They didn't turned out as the test I made yesterday so I probably install them on the back of the main gallery where my studio is. 

Also Alina Teodoreuscu finalised her work called Mountain of Temptation by hanging a piece of perspex from the ceiling so that Jesus's frontal portrait will be reflected on the figurative canvas in the background when illuminated by the light. The video called How to kill God of Luca Moncaleano reflects his deep investigation on the ritualistic side of the Brazilian culture. It is stunning included his amazing shoes! 

When I went out searching for the spot led lights I had a very lucky day today because I found a place were I could buy them at a very cheap price! On the way I stopped to the Real Gabinete Portuguese de Leitura or Biblioteca Publica and I was blowed away from the amount of very old books and from the ceiling resembling so much to my video Mandala I !!!

I had also the time to go searching from a nice dress to wear for tomorrow opening and I had another incredible bargain! On sale the dress was reduced from 434 Real to 134 Real! Than the girls at the Shop 126 suggested me to buy a self adhesive silicone invisible strapless bra. It was so embarrassing when Michelle - the girl with the yellow dress - introduced me to a street seller while try to explain which size was the best for me. I feel I will be never be able to wear it although it should be easy like to have a second skin!


  1. you are a kook and as usual the fresh dress for the new show it must be tradition
    i am sad that te prints did not live up to the sample and as i know you it is a wonder you are showing them very brave it is always best for people to she the best you have to offer
    bocco lupo domani Marta