Saturday, March 7, 2015


 I have decided to have a very relaxing day today so I can have more time to plan ahead, read, sing and restore from Rio intense humidity. I missed the opening at Helio Oiticica centre but I can go during the week. Instead this morning I went to the local market to do shopping and also to buy a new wardrobe... all my clothes are becoming extra large because of the extreme heat loosing their own elasticity. I couldn't find the African lady with one of my preferred dress so as start I bought a colonial Mexican t-shirt instead.

Just outside of the accommodation in the street I could take some other photos of the secular tree cut down even more respect yesterday. The gardeners team were doing an amazing job. There was a circle of audience watching at the track and pieces of the tree cut down, including Miguel Sayad and his grandson Emanuel (photo n. 6).

Then immersed into the colour of the market I couldn't resist to take more photos of vegetables, spices, chillies and a new Brazilian fruit called caju used for doing juices (red fruit) and also for the salty or sweet nut (green extension) you usually find served as snack at the bar. So this fruit is a pseudo fruit!

Once back home I immersed my feet into the cold water of Miguel Sayad's swimming pool and took some photos of the garden with the Instagram application. So cool!


  1. your photos are beautiful and fantastic to see those piecean feet in the water cooling down
    and the top looks soo like you love the bright colours

  2. Yes I do... thank you Chris for your comments. Do you know that you can create artistic effects with Instagram... I just saw a beautiful book printed on a special paper all done with Instagram made by Gabriela Machado, the artist I went to visit her studio 10 days ago... very poetic and pastel like...