Monday, March 9, 2015


Today Monday morning the traffic in Rio was slowing down my journey. It took me one hour to arrive at Largo das Artes by bus n.422 leaving from Corcovado terminal and stopping closer to Uruguaiana street. Usually it is a trip of half hour... At midday I had appointment with Speed Print Lab for the third time! Finally today Fabio (photo below) with the supervision of the owner of the place (the man at the telephone) printed my photos into a new clean and fresh solvent so he was able to control better the colours and matching them as closer as possible to the original test. Eureka, my perseverance has been rewarded and a big thanks to the great translator Jasmine! Tomorrow I will be there to collect the 160 prints that I can utilise for a future show in Sydney.

On the way back to the studio I couldn't resist to buy a glass of fresh coconut water - in Portuguese Agua de Coco -  served by Fabiana and Mariana that are working in the same spot everyday very close to Plaza Tiradentes from 9am to 8 pm, non stop!

At the studio I planned my meeting with Frado Monteiro at 5pm that arrived wearing a creative dress made by a big plastic bag to protect himself from the rain while driving the scooter because he forgot his jacket at home! At the same time Samuel Urias arrived with all the 6 shell speakers repaired and made for me! One last supervision by Frado that discovered that one of the 10cm speakers was broken so he made Samuel repaired it... Poor Samuel it will be the last commission I promise, I made him to pose with the Umbanda herb to attract money!

With Frado Monteiro we choose the sounds to work with and we experimented with different waves, curved and squared, different rhythms and seeds. I am not sure if I will utilise all my sounds I recorded since I am here in Rio or stay simple with just the pure sounds vibrations created with one of Frado's special sound applications. Another alternative is that I will also integrate my improvised singing following the created rhythm... Let's see how it will go the feedback with Felippe Moraes next Thursday at Largo Lab .

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  1. you doing impro will be in tune with the zone where you are the assistance you are mustering is wonderful go for it my love