Sunday, March 15, 2015


A very quite Sunday to spend home researching, writing and editing sounds. The only break I had just a quick walk, a chat with Ricardo Castro, a swim in Miguel Sayad's swimming pool in company with the dogs Preta (black) and Bella and cooking. If you have a good eye you can spot the GREAT KISKADEE Flycatcher bird (in the last photo) with a white line in the top of the head and a yellow chest. He had a bath as well with me.

It is very interesting to know that everything we see has a particular electromagnetic wave and acoustic wave...Also if they are invisible we can imagine they are interacting each other.These frequencies I selected today are creating so many geometrical curves, patterns, waves and rhythms, the arrangements are infinite!  

....and they will become all sounds connecting the 36 woofers hanging from the ceiling into an immersive acoustic cacophony!

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  1. looks like the old dogs are big friends and the drawing of the works well i am sad i can not experience the exhibit in person although my heart and spirit are with you