Saturday, March 28, 2015


Yesterday night I went out to experience Sao Paulo by night with my friend Mariana Bern (photo n.3).  There was an important manifestation hold by cyclists that wanted their cycle line back. Apparently the government has decided to stop the already started initiative to create a special line for bicycles in Sao Paulo city.  I had an opportunity to see the Brazilian spirit for social commitment!

Than to see a legendary concert at Comederia SESC Belenzinho, Sao Paulo with the Brazilian Joao Donato  (80 years old! photo 1-5) and the cuban one Chucho Valdes (photo 3). A mix of Bossa Nova and Jazz music.

Today I went visiting other galleries. I took the taxi to Villa Madalena district and arrived at 10am just when the artist Andrey Zignnatto was opening the gallery Blau Project and for opening I mean both opening the door and also his own show called 'Deslocamento'. Andrey was so nice that not only guided me through the gallery but also invited me to the opening at 12am.

The second gallery was Galpao Fortes Vilaca with a fresh new show with Rodrigo Cass and Rodrigo Matheus installations.

The third gallery was Millan with another contemporary Brazilian artist Rubens Mano showing 'Social Contract'.

In the same area I went to visit the Instituto Tomie Ohtake with one informative room about her career as artist, kinetic sculptures and urban art. In the same institute there were other three exhibitions running at the same time including Ricardo Hantzshel, Renata Tassinari and Imagine Brazil by local artists.

Ricardo Hantzshel showing 'Sal' through the introspective and realistic photographic portraits of people working with the fabrication of salt.

Renata Tassinari with a retrospective of her career as Brazilian abstract contemporary artist from 1980 to 2013.

Imagine Brazil a collective group show with various contemporary Brazilian artists including Rivane Neuenshanwander with "The Tenant", a collaborative with Cao Guimaraes (photo 6).

After Villa Madalena district I returned to Rabieh gallery to meet the artist Lidia Liboa during her vernissage. When I arrived she was there dressing her blue traditional Bahia dress. Lidia was very open and keen to explain her artwork made of organic shapes mimicking part of bodies such as breasts, scars and cordons. I had a long conversation with her  about how she works into a positive thinking. I am always active- she said- even when I cook or wash always thinking. I transformed my home into my studio no matter about the size of the space and I am working not on single pieces but a series of pieces. When I exchange with her my business card  she invited me to go to see her studio on Monday! I felt very trilled by it!

When the gallery's director Lourdina Jean Rabieth arrived the atmosphere became even more vibrant. A sort of complicity between Lidia (photo1), Mariana (photo 2) and Lourdina (photo 3 in the middle). Lourdina loved my Italian background and started to speak Italian, we had a common passion for operatic singing and even my name Marta was the name of one of her two adorable dogs Marta (photo 4) and Luna (photo 5). I am sure there will me more to share in the future keeping her up dated about my artwork!

Finally I arrived 'home' where Mariana Bern was waiting for me to drive to the second gallery of Galpao Fortes Vilaca at Rua James Holland. It was the last day also for Luiz Zerbini show a very interesting Brazilian's painter.

After that Marina Bern took me to a very interesting social event. In Sao Paulo there is a social organisation called 'Frente de Luta por Moradia' (FLM) that has started to occupy abandoned buildings to give to people in needs of a home. There ruled the building as it was an Hotel signing who comes and who leave. Today there were a kind of faire to sell community items where we also met Carla Caffe (photo n.3) one of the coordinator of FLM that was explaining how all started and what FLM needs as help to improve the aged building. 

Afer tis interesting visit I and Mariana went for dinner to a great Japanese restaurant 'Sushi Lika'. Lika had even created a new Japanese dish made with tuna and cucumber rolled around it (photo n.5)!


  1. divine days my love filled with the greatest of joys

  2. had a look thru the photos and just wanted more

  3. Sao Paolo is the perfect city to find a gallery that can represent my artwork but unfortunately all the galleries are relying on a network based system of references. So an artist can exhibit only when a person knows the other person that knows the other person that knows the final person that put a good word on your cannot simply present your artwork...