Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Pororoca acoustic installation is progressing day by day and I have a feeling it will be a good work because born in collaboration with more than one person. The first think I wanted to work today was the hanging system. When I unpacked the black roll's cord I realised it was different from the sample I had with me so I returned to Artel Ferragen shop to make the swop! No problem, Paulinho Gomes (photo n. 1) measured meter by meters 200 meters of the right cord while Jefferson (photo n. 2) and Paulo (photo n. 3) found for me an empty carton to roll the rope.

Back to Largo das Artes I started to experiment the way how to pass the cord across the beam positioned 410 cm far from the floor. I realised I needed only 2 threads and not 4 ones as I have planned before, it looked much cleaner and less messy. I had to climb 10 ladder's steps.. a big challenge for me that I suffer from vertigo! The spice anice star has a great scent, love it!

Beside my studio space there is a new local artist renting the studio. Her name is Lilian Soares and she gave me a lesson on how to use helio to fill up the baloon. I love it seen the baloon floating into the space!

For lunch me, Frederico Pellachin and another local artist Vagner donasc went to a vegan restaurant called Tempeh. It was very nice above all the juices and the soup called Sopa Batata Boroa!!!