Saturday, March 14, 2015


What an amazing Saturday 41! I wake up later than usual, than I meditated, skyped with my mother, cleaned the chalet, and than I went shopping at my usual favoured market. I was keen today to find my African lady that sell all this amazing African clothing...last week was not there but today yes! Sokna K. Ndiaye was there wearing her splendid outfit!

I went crazy! Everything I was trying was fitting me as I had an African body... I felt feminine even more and I decided to change my wardrobe. Everyday I will wear one of the skirt, dress, bandana, trousers, I bought from her!  With such a bright colours and patterns you feel uplifted and happy, just wearing them everyday! If you live in Rio this his the website and the address where to find a big variety of these African clothes: Rua do Catete, 227, Loja 03 e 04 - Flamengo -RJ, tel. 2553- 3091.

Sokna thought me how to wear the bandana in my head... it was fun but nothing can look better than an African head in comparison to mine! Other African women did the same, they look stunning with their beautiful colour shin, leopard eyes and abundant hair!

Sokna's family arrived just in time for me to live the place, exchange emails and go to buy some vegetables, meat, eggs and fruits! I had so much weight with me but still I couldn't resist to stop and see where the music was coming from (Pixin Bodega band). A very nice circle of people were gathering around the musician stand and I did the same taking some photos... but then an amazing coincidence happened! 

I was photographing some patterns; a red dress of a woman and a table cloth when I realised that the woman I was taking photos of was Gabriela Machado the great Brazilian visual artist I went to visit the studio 2 weeks ago! She helped me to choose the right Cd to buy and to experience my first Caipirinha made with  Vodka and strawberry. I tested the national Brazil's national cocktail, made with cachaca (sugar cane hard liquor), sugar and lime from Edoardo's one. Edoardo is Gabriela's partner, he is so nice and has a warm heart! We had a beautiful chat and talk me and Gabriela, a really special encounter!

And this is what can happen in Rio! I remember Alina Teodorescu - one of the other resident artist I met in February - just two days before leaving Rio thinking to come back because of this vibrant energy and life... Now I understand what she was meaning embracing life, being open and sharing with others passing by through your life!  


  1. Marta,
    WOW you look amazing and this green thing really suits you great choice
    your words are beautiful
    your photos intimate
    and you are the master of synchronicity
    you are the best traveller i have ever met
    and to do this inspired work amongst all this activity i am in awe
    love you Chris

  2. All my years spent travelling in the past, all my adolescent tears of feeling an outsider, all my studies, all my projects, all my ability to sympathise with people, all my intuition added to the magic of this place is what make me what I am today: a great traveller and passionate for life.