Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Here I am with another serendipity coincidence. It was my intention to book a tour for a journey into the closer Tijuca Amazonic forest always related to Entheogen, the installation I am working on at the moment, a sort of techno-shamanic acoustic installation. As usual I took the bus n. 422  to go to Largo das Artes and all of a sudden I saw a van directed to Tijuca Amazonic forest. I thought: today I will book the trip. I activated the helpful Frederico Pellachin that suggested to book a trip with Jungle Me- an Eco tour after tomorrow on Friday 20th March! Exciting!

My stop is one stop after Candelara church in the center. I always smile to this iconic graffiti, to the immense traffic regulated by improvised guards and crossed by walking fearless people. This is my Rio directory line.  

Than I went to collect the last woofer from Samuel Urias and to buy a second round of spices at Casa Pedro. Marluce was so patient, serving me for half hour and filling up the basket of new treasures such as Ucum, a red seed from the Amazonic forest that Indio uses for painting their faces, Cardamon and Guarana seeds. Finally Marluce deposited all the spices at the counter while Gislaine was posing for me (last photo).

Once at Largo das Artes I was back to work. Just one last thing I went out to buy paper and post-it at Casa Cruz so I could start mapping the sound. Another smiling woman Angelica Moura was posing for me before waiting in line for paying at the counter...This is the procedure: you need to have plenty of patience in Rio!

I emptied and refilled the woofers with the new spices, I feel they look great and so scented! This is the way to go: one day working with the spices and mapping the sound, another day a visit to the museums and to the Amazonic forest, another day collaborating with the sound designer helping me with the technical devices and another day to prepare the material for the installation ready to go... I will be able to finish all this in time? 


  1. marvellous all marvellous Marta

  2. I wish you was here to choose the spice together!!! You are the master for spices realm!! Once in Sydney will do when I will re-install Entheogen once more!