Saturday, March 21, 2015


Amazing day spent with Indios and African culture in the Museo National at Quinta da Boa Vista, Sao Cristovao. I discovered that during the weekend the metro is not working with two lines, practically there is just one line and you have to stop to Estacio and change train in order to reach Sao Cristovao. I learnt from travelling experience to always ask for confirming if you are not sure of... When I arrived to Quinta da Boa Vista Park I found another universe made of colourful balloons and items, happy family enjoying picnic and leisure such as riding a 'risho' or climbing trees... It was so vibrant!

I had almost lost the purpose why I was there. I looked at the watch and I run towards the National Museum willing to find some other information about Indio and aviary culture. At the entrance of the museum I found another curiosity. If earlier I went crazy about the way the vendors had designed the hanging system, by transforming umbrellas' scaffoldings into a mesmerising web of curiosities... Roberio had a better idea with his Boby's sponge. He created a way how to blow soap bubbles through a straw positioned like a nose into a sponge while with a finger pushing up and down the metallic circle immersed into a mini plastic glass filled with soap.  Roberio knew how to attract children for sure! After all these photos I felt I had to buy one of the Boby's sponge and now it is with me as a souvenir of this playful day!

At the National Museum I became totally fascinated by the Indio's headgears made with amazing colourful feathers together with other items and masks/costumes used during special ceremonies.  A really stunning collection! ...And what a contrast with the colourful plastic world outside!

Even the mummies were giving me the idea of the beauty of the birds living in the Amazonia! 

 ...And I found also interesting the Condomble's 9 different divinities practised by Brazilian African's descendents at Bahia. 

The Museum was also full of other precious archeological items from all over the world including Indios shamanic ones from Maraca' s region with mummy heads and vases for calling the spirits of nature.

Another big attraction for vendors and family with children is the nearby Zoo that unfortunately is not so well kept and the animals are very sad and bored inside of their cages. The big attraction are the birds including toucans and big Ara parrots and the monkeys as well. I had the chance to records lots of bird screaming: make me free... and I left very sad for them.

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  1. yes you as the bird lover and to have then caged in not a healthy i can imagine made you feel for them deeply peacelove