Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Miguel Sayad and Frederico Pellachin helped me to book an appointment with Manuel Pereira da Carvalho searching three 6 meters second hand metallic bars to lean on the two beams of wood in Largo das Artes and from which to hang the woofers for 'Entheogen''s Installation. Built in 1969 Pereira Maquinas from a little space of 500mhas become a mine of collectable objects and material to buy or borrow depending of the purpose. So it has become a Mecca for artists including Renata Richard, me and Ricardo Castro.  

While waiting for Manuel Pereira that was busy at the telephone in his office, we started meandering around the place discovering tonnes of treasures while workers were cutting the steel and metal doing the physical work.

...and at some point we were guided by the passioned Brazilian sculptor  Renata Richard who was the first artist taking part of Largo das Artes' Claraboia's program. She has adopted the warehouse as her second home/laboratory in which to be inspired and creating the beginning of new artworks. Renata was suggesting to use a light material for my installation and to join two pieces instead of one for a easier transportation.

But then the owner Manuel Pereira arrived and he suggested a better way that was to use two bars of heavier metal 10 cm wide and around 3 meters long so to avoid to curve in the middle. We agreed on the price and the company will transport and mount the borrowed material on day 8th April so to have plenty of time to prepare the pieces.

I ended my journey at home resting and preparing for the shamanic ritual hold by Athamis Barbara at her shamanic Nowa Cumis Centre. It was a special ritual called 'Aliados de Poder e Mestre Interior' for discovering the personal interior teacher and totem animal. Sitting in circle and laid down the group asked a question for 5 times for than let the inside and outside traveling into a personal journey while the master was playing a particular instrument with some seeds inside. The sound gave me very good inputs for the frequencies and vibration I am using for Entheogen installation. Prior this journey we cleansed our energy with burnt white sage into an abalone shell. In the middle there was a circle divided in four coloured part. Yellow = East = born = white sage; Red = emotions = adolescence = South = sweet grass ; Black = maturity = death = West = tobacco  White = North = wisdom = old age = tuja root. At the end of the session we shared our experience within the group. The amazing part is that Barbara offered me a very bitter herb called Boldo to drink with hot water. When I arrived I had pain in my stomach and towards the end I felt totally recovered! I bought from her white sage and the shell so I can spread the white smoke in order to purify the energy where my installation will be hold.

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