Sunday, March 22, 2015


Today I had two destinations in mind: first the beach to record the ocean waves and second the Feira Nordestina at Sao Cristovao. In March the weather in Rio can be unpredictable with rains and thunderstorms but the temperature is much more pleasant reaching 29/30 degrees max. So I was lucky enough to have sunshine all time I was out. After 49 days it was the first time I saw the beach during the morning, without swimmers just to record sounds and take some shots. I studied the map and I realised that the closest beach to Largo do Machado metro station was Flamengo one. Without knowing I was inside one of Flamengo's Park landscaped by Roberto Burle Max, made up of plants from all over the world. The effect was pleasant with backdrop of stunning views of the Sugar Loaf and Guanabara Bay.

Flamengo Park is also a favoured destination for leisure activities including walking, jogging, cycling, learning how to balance by walking onto a rope and also playing bridge under the shadow of the trees. 

And than off course there is the beach life with plenty of ways to have fun and relax, you can even rent a chair and bake into the sun. The beach is so close to the city you have just to cross the streets. When I was teenager volleyball was my preferred agonistic sport. My number was 10 and so this child reminded me of my team.

On the way back to Largo do Machado I popped in to a nice couple that were in Rio  visiting their family. They make jewellery with seeds, stones with bronze and macrame technique. Bruno and Christina live in the Amazonia forest at the border between Colombia and Venezuela. Cristina Pozsonyi has a web site if you want to order her handcraft items: I bought some beautiful rings with seeds and stones and the butterfly macrame'.

Second destination was the Feira Nordestina searching for some more seeds and spices. The Feira was huge the size of a stadium with lot of people and vendors. Food stands, fabrics, engravings, musical groups, dancers, lingerie, baloons, ravioli stamps ... I got lost more than once. I finished my day by buying some other important spices and seeds for my 'Entheogen' installation.


  1. what a great day my love looks mmmmmm no words to describe

  2. This fair is made with all product form North Est of Rio included Recife where Mirty come from!