Friday, March 6, 2015


Since I decided to work on the Pororoca acoustic installation some peculiar connections are happening at the same time. This morning on my way to Largo das Artes' studio I met these group of guys having a break from a very physical work. While cutting and trimming a secular tree as becoming too dangerous for the safety of the people and houses around they found this Amazon hive. They looked like bears licking the honey with their hands! I can associate this encounter to my collection of aromatic spices and seeds I have on my table and to a bee that came to visit my studio yesterday afternoon.

Once at the studio I checked if all the speakers I ordered were ok as Samuel Urias delivered them at my studio yesterday afternoon. There were missing 2 more shell speakers and 4 of the 25 cm were not repaired as they should have but there was a little gift by Samuel: an extra small shell just for me! So no problem I went back to the shop and I will have the complete set by Monday. On the way back to Sabino Som shop I listened to a very old band playing some jazz/samba on the street; another nice connection with my acoustic project. 

I also went shopping researching the right tread to hang the shell speakers. I tried different ways: 1. with electrical cord ( too rigid and too expensive) 2. fishing line ( no so good because the hanging system has to be part of the visual look of the installation not disappear) 3. a 3mm black cord (this seems to work plus very economic). So I decided for alternative n. 3. Then I bought other aromatic herbs and incense I researched two day ago made for Brazilian Umbanda spiritual belief to purify and protect when burned with incense. On Monday I will try all these herbs and seeds moving with the vibration of the sound and Frado Monteiro will be with me mixing sounds and test the shells! 

And all this under the heat... Today we had 32 degree and I was filling my body so heavy and slow... Here some natural barometers observing cats looking like dead ones but are only knocked down by the heat! 

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