Monday, March 2, 2015


Back to project one of the shell's speakers and the sound wave vibrations. So while Zenite is waiting for a future exchange and performance outside in the real life, I am organising the acoustic installation involving Frado Monteiro (photo n.7) the sound technician and the music shop vendor Samuel that was speaking in Italian!  Today I bought nine shell speakers in different sizes, made the wire connection and tried the hanging system. 

I am sharing the studio with a new arrived great artist Raphael Perez Evans (photo n.1) that will exhibit in April and sadly enough I said goodbye to Luka Moncaleano this morning. Soon the gallery and the studio is going to change so all Largo das Artes' team including Consuelo Bassanesi, Frederico Pellachin and Felippe Moraes will move downstairs leaving the space for future art residency and local artists renting the space. Felippe before moving his belonging did a ritual of purification with incense so we could all start nice and fresh.