Thursday, March 12, 2015


Today I had LargoLab meeting as first feedback for the new acoustic installation with Felippe Moraes, Ricardo Castro, and Frado Monteiro, the sound designer. It was a great session where I had the opportunity to define my next strategy, define the direction of my research and clarify all the points I need in order to progress. It is an overwhelming project that need time to get a good result. So I am immersing myself into the research of seeds and spices, Amazonian universe, Indios and Brazilians culture, sounds, rhythm, vibrations... Researching it is a very important phase of my work. 

Ricardo Castro did a panoramic of his artwork. I found it very interesting and very much in tune with what I am doing for my acoustic installation; we discover that both of us are investigating on vibrations...

I started my research in the bookshop downstairs where I bought three Historia Biblioteca National's magazines talking about Amazonia, Indios and sacred and pagan rituals in Brazil. 

Then I went to the Real Gabinete Portuguese de Letura in that amazing public library I went to photograph weeks ago. It was an overwhelming experience, waiting 10 minutes sitting in an allocated chair for the man to arrive with a minuscule volume called 'A Amazonia como Organismo Harmonico' by Hans Bluntschili, 1962. I couldn't take any photos of the script, just sitting in the semi dark room and writing in my diary all important notes/concepts as part of a little treasure. 

After lunch at Tempeh vegan restaurant I, Frederico Pellachin and Ricardo Castro went into a coffe bar/restaurant called Safran. I ordered a very nice 'Budino', a dessert made with crema du leite, served by Manoel Antonio Alves while my friends two ristretto each.

Back to the studio I asked Frederico to make a call for me to the Museum do Indio to book an appointment so to be able to research in their archival. In order to do so I need to write tonight a synopsis of my project so to make sure I am a committed Indio researcher. At Frederico's studio I was impressed by the photographer Murrillo Meirelles trying to catalogue 20 years of work spread in one table! Amazing! He is trying to order his polaroids so he can publish a book....

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