Thursday, February 12, 2015


I spent all morning filming a  four wings fan in the beautiful home of Miguel Sayad. Than I edited the video in the computer and I tested it inside of the black room at Largo das Artes. An interesting swift happened when I projected the video on the carpet that is used to isolate the stereos speakers. The frame becomes sculpture.  Another way to present the work is that I can also print the different sequences as a stream of a film...

Than outside at the market street to see if I find any broken wings to do an installation with them, but any chance so far.... At 'Ciclone's shop don't sell broken or second hand objects...because they need to sell of course!

On the way to the fan shop I stopped to the museum of Helio Oiticica to see the great installation 'Movimento2' of Celina Portella based on her interest on the body and movement. The mechanic machines move up and down or right and left mimicking the movement of the body. It looks like the artist is trapped inside of a little box.

After another 40 degree day I deserved an Acai energetic drink made with Brazilian super food fruit and granola! Delicious!!! 

Than I bought a super knife with two levels of cutting to cut my salad and cabbage at home from a great Brazilian lady... The salad is cut thin like spaghetti or sea weeds..

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  1. i love the knife i want one just because the work is lovely the energy is so strong in its framing the body captured
    and the fan business is a delightful revelation