Monday, February 23, 2015


In order to finalise my printing artwork today I went to  another photo lab called Lab Speed Lab Contact. I didn't have to much choice due to my limited time and tomorrow I will see if I can rely on the test and printing 160 fan's sequences. The peculiar experience was to find out that the lab was into a terrace at the 12th floor of a very high and respectable building. Once out from the elevator I found a locked door, I rang the bell and follow the arrow but when I arrived into the terrace I felt it was all so hilarious! Here there was the lab on the right corner of the terrace with a orange blind curtain.

Jasmine was at the office waiting for me. She is the only one speaking English so all went very well. She suggested me to prepare the files for tomorrow all in RGB and maybe this was the reason why the other prints didn't turned out well, because my files were in CMYK so the prints were all pixelated. Cross finger tomorrow I will know the result. Another peculiar fact is that Jasmine pointed out two fans in the photo hanging on the wall! What a great coincidence!

Than I took another taxi to reach the place where to find dry ice. The factory is called GB Comercio & Distribuidora de Gelo. It was an amazing experience see for the first time the dry ice making a cloud of smoke, vaporising when put into water and making a quirky noise when in contact with the dry metallic palette used for collecting the ice into the bag. I must have been a scientist in the past life because seeing all this made me very very excited!

You must know that dry ice is not made of water but of Co2 so is made of air and it can be conserved for longer than the normal ice: it is very popular in Rio being a so hot summery place. They say I can leave the dry ice outside for 8 hours! The best part of it is that it doesn't spell a drop of water on the floor when is melted and I can feel safe for the safety of the place where my installation will be placed at Largo das Artes

Once back to the studio I tried the one kilo of dry ice in one of my foam box and it was just perfect, the dry ice was smoking in contact with the hot air and with drops of water I sprayed onto it to see how it was reacting! It is very difficult to frozen the air with the photo camera and I will have to install the ice just half hour prior the opening in order to have a better result, what a challenge! I will try dry ice once at home in Sydney, it is a very interesting material to work with!

Than I need to consider the light and composition. If I illuminate the foam boxes from the back it does  a very nice atmospheric effect to the artwork, but the gallery has not a proper illumination system so maybe I will utilise led lights or any lights at all. I had to give up with the projection though because I think this installation sculpture creates a very strong experience as it is.

Me, Alina Teodorescu and Luka Moncaleano are all working very hard in order to finish on time for the show, bearing in mind that the temperature is still at 35 degrees inside of the building!!!


  1. Yes it is an amazing effect ....I hope to be able to install the dry ice in just half hour!!!