Sunday, February 8, 2015


The museum of art contemporary at Niteroi (MAC) has an amazing architecture, the feeling is to be into a spacecraft floating in the ocean and air. The colour pink of the ramp floor is reflecting on the wall of the building.

The opening of Largo das Artes 's artist friend, Anton Steenbock, exhibiting Compasso, an acoustic installation made of 16 speakers positioned all around the circumference of the building and replicate the exact diameter of the aereo craft race field. Walking all around the circular room the sound is expanding into a 360 degree experience challenging the perception of sound and gravity.

The museum of art contemporary at Niteroi (MAC) is even more spectacular during the night with the illumination and the sunset! Niteroi is another town in front of Rio to reach by ferry.

After MAC I went to another opening at Gentil Carioca's gallery in Rio with bloco or masquerade party, dancing and have fun in the street with all the artists! 

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  1. looks to be a wonderful setting and experience and a little art also nice
    happily jealous