Tuesday, February 10, 2015


This morning I and Alina visited the Monastery of Sao Bento with Pablo one of Largo das Artes Rio based artist but we couldn't access because it was under construction ... it must have been amazing. It is said that this church is one of most beautiful churches in Rio constructed between 1633 and 1798! I will be back one Sunday to listen the Gregorian chants during the Missa at 10am. On the way we visited another church but again under restoration and with a beautiful stair.  Alina reminds me Marina Abramovich; she is super chic though!

Than we visited MAR (Museum Art Rio) with a panoramic of exhibitions that show the favelas' universe, slavery and political art. 

From the top of the roof we could see the building in construction designed by the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. Apparently here in Rio entire city's areas can change look from one season to another because they can be demolished and rebuilted without concern for the past... 

Together with Frederico Pellachin (left on the photo) I met Frado (right on the photo), the specialist in acoustic installation, at Largo das Artes at 5.30pm. Frado has 10 years of experience working with artists in Rio and plus is a very passionate and warm heart guy! I am so lucky: he will help me to master the sound and to install my acoustic installation! He gave me some tips on how to record as well during Carnival parades.

Finally we went to the opening of one of the Rio based artists Cecilia Cavalieri presenting Jardin Precarious as an investigation on human connections with Earth (photo below).

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