Friday, February 20, 2015


The curator Fernanda Lopez came today to help us with the installation of the our group show happening soon. Lots to think about and to do!!! The work is not finished yet  and as usual we need to come up with a name and create the promotional card and invitation! We did a brainstorm with Frederico Pellachin and we came up with the name Sync as for Synchronicity as we are working at the same thematic: me, Alina Teodorescu and Luka Moncaleano.

I am working in simultaneity  with the totem idea made with foam boxes that will be filled up with dry ice that at contact with water will create a cloud of steam and the other project is printing the sequence of fans that replicates the sequence of tides in nature. Printing here is not so easy, the first tentative was a failure so I am still searching for a good place where to print. Not so much time left though.. Fortunately I completed the videos!