Monday, February 16, 2015


Spectacular experience at Sambodromo Rio Samba with several Fantasia Carnival parades! It rained heavenly with thunderstorm half part of the performances but they were still going and everybody was watching under the storm, including me and all Largo das Artes team! We were totally hypnotised by the Samba rhythm and the fascinating costumes remaining there from 9.30pm to 5.30 am of the day after!!! On the way back home we found so many costumes trashed away. Luka Moncaleano was blowed away by them while searching for costumes in the street to collect for his art project. This made us reflect on the ephemerality of such an event and the consumerism of our society.

Today I went back to sleep at 7am and wake up at 9am full of energy as if the sleepless night didn't effect me at all! After all this crowd stimulation I decided to restore my energy and have a quite dialogue with myself and nature by visiting the Botanical garden of Rio and Parque Lage. Once arrived, what delighted me the most it was to discover lots of shy tiny finches jumping up and down into the grass searching for insects.It was as I was connecting with my soul.

Than I started to observe unique flowers, animals, birds and plants I ever seen before in my life such as the Tucano!!! It was like I was enriching my soul.

...followed to that one similar to the Australian Habitat starting from the Orchids nursery to the infinite Bromellarium varieties...It was like I felt at home...

As it was close to the Botanical garden, I went also back to visit Parque Lage (see previous Facebook) but this time during the day and I was impressed how much the owner of the home Henrique Lage loved his Italian wife Gabriella Besanzoni. For her he built not only an Italian palace but also recreated a romantic and intriguing garden with several bridges, grottos and towers. I also took the opportunity to play with 'Istogram' application adding one touch more to the atmospheric ancient forest... 

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