Saturday, February 21, 2015


Only six day to go. The time of the opening is getting closer and closer so we decided to go to work also today that is Saturday until 3pm because after that the Centro becomes empty and it is more dangerous to walk alone. This is how life in Rio is! I went to buy more foam boxes and I invited Janette, the vendor of the shop, to come to the opening as well plus another man that was there and helped to translate my English! Once back to the studio I assembled  the totem as higher as I could (I have still more boxes to go) and on Monday I will test the dry ice.

At 3pm Miguel Sayad arrived and he invited us to go to have a tour at Santa Teresa area to visit a very nice museum called Chacara do Ceu. This museum was the home of Raymond Ottoni de Castro Maya built in 1950. It has been conserved as it was at the time when the owner was living there. 

Than we all went to have a early dinner together and we celebrated with a tasty traditional dish made with tail of ox at Bar do Serafin.  Funny to know that my husband Chris Verheyden is born in the year of the Ox for the Chinese astrology so we celebrate the dish on his honour!


  1. love the bar serafin and your inclusion of the people that help you in your work in rio life is hard yet there is always beauty close at hand

  2. and the oxtail looks like a dish i want to make simple delicious