Tuesday, February 24, 2015


The digital prints turned out well and fortunately they will be ready for tomorrow at 5pm! After the photo lab I went to buy another kilo of dry ice to experiment with and on the way I discovered an interesting place where I can collect every day a bag full of discarded fan's wings around 5pm. This means I can make another installation by harvesting a mountain of these objects for free for the two remained months I am staying in Rio! I am getting excited again!

Back to Largo das Artes studio we met Felippe Moraes for the last Largo Lab to defines our works and titles. Sometimes it is not easy to decide a title without getting too descriptive and intricate. It will come tomorrow I know by letting my mind running free. 

You know already my installation and videos (see previous blogs). Anton Steenbock and Felippe Moraes were curious to observe the dry ice reacting with the water while activating it with Felippe own breath. Alina Teodorescu will exhibit a beautiful Byzantine Christ portrait painted on a piece of plexiglass mixing her Rumenian heritage with the Brazilian mountain of temptation. Luka Moncaleano made this amazing high shoes with religious textiles, leather and coffee. He wore them this morning while filming a ritualistic performance, walking around the ashes of a burning fire. He will project the video of this performance and exhibit the shoes that to me look like the reproduction of two mini altars. 

At the opening I will show my studio in progress on the back of the main gallery by projecting onto a plinth three videos filmed during blocos and the Carnival and leaving some soft sculpture hanging on the wall. 


  1. great my love i am excited that you are feeling that way yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha its your birthday happy happy day for you

  2. It is not yet!!! here it is the 25 February...wait for more two days...