Sunday, February 8, 2015


Today is Sunday 8 February and the Carnival's excitement is starting to boil since the beginning of the month in preparation of  the overture on the 13th of February. This is my first parade 'bloco' called Escravos da Maua' in Pedra do Sal. The energy is pulsating and the mass is overcoming the individuality, it almost hypnotising me into a river of colours, sound and people. 

After the parade we stopped at a little square to chat, have fun, eating local food and drinking tequila and beer with locals and the owner of Largo das Artes gallery Miguel Sayad (below photo on the right). 

Sensuality is hidden everywhere in little gestures and appearances....

Filming, taking photos and recording at the same time while knowing you can be robbed at every instant is not so easy as it looks. First of all watch out at kids!!! Above all boys ... girls are very sweet and peaceful.

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