Saturday, February 28, 2015


Today Miguel and Paola Sayad organised a birthday party for me at their home that is at the same place where we stay for Largo das Artes accommodation. Sandra cooked all the meal helped by one of her friends. Sandra is a really warm heart person like a mum to us and she knows well how to express her feelings! At the local market I bought a nice yellow bunch of flowers for Miguel and Paola and for Sandra three white roses mixed with an aromatic local plant that will help to protect her mother from her sickness.

I was so happy to see all Largo das Artes friends arriving for my party included Felippe Morraes, Frederico Pellachin and Miguel and Paola's intimate friends. After shrimps and cocktails sitting nearby the swimming pool we went inside enjoy the rest of the meal.

The chef Sandra served fish, potatoes, beans, rice and broccoli with fresh salad and as dessert a marvellous cake of leche, a sort of caramelised milk to eat together with mango. The dessert was so delicious that I forgot to take a photo of it! You can only imagine it in your palate!

Towards the end of the party Miguel Sayad gave me a beautiful present: a CD of a Brazilian singer called Paulo Vanzolini and Alina Teodorescu a book about how to make essential oils. Alina inserted inside of the book a beautiful feather as a memory from the Carnival parade. I asked Miguel to play the Cd so I ended the party with a little dance and create a little bit of crazy atmosphere ... Tomorrow will be the last day for Alina Teodorescu that she will fly back to London and for Luka on Monday back home to Piacenza, Italy... I will miss their great energy and friendship! As Luka said in all experiences the end has an equal value that the beginning!

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