Thursday, April 9, 2015


This morning I had just left home when I met a honeysucker bird, it was so tiny and ephemeral... Indio are talking to me because I read that this bird is sacred for them. I had just the time to do a blurry photo as I was too excited to see it.

When I arrived at largo das Artes I met Sinvol called Paulista (photo 5)the same guy I bought the toy drums from, made with drink cans one month ago. I commissioned him to write/paint the signs for my open air installation/performance because the writing of the street people is included in my project as part of the Brazilian identity. 

I also asked around for more audience as possible that will insulate the foam boxes with the colourful masking tapes. After several tentatives in Portuguese it seems I managed to find enough people for the performance to happen.

The performance/installation will be set up in the main square just outside of Largo das Artes. In the middle of the square there is a statue dedicated to Jose Bonifacio de Andrada e Silva, 7 September 1872. He is the emblem of the Brazilian independence. It can be a good reference for the concept I am investigating in my artwork,  reviving the Brazilian cultural identity. 

While I am focusing in my artwork there are so much work in progress going on at Largo das Artes. The special guest Ricardo Castro (photo 4) working with mirrors and much more to come, International artists in residence such as Sarah Beatty working on her tree houses (photo 3) and Timea Tihanyi treating tracing maps like doilies (photo 2) and also for the two new local artists Devaney Claro and his ritual paintings (photo1) and the Brazilian artist working with casted hair (photo 5 -6) 

Devaney Claro is a passioned one and I have to thanks him and Frederico Pellachin for all their help on organising my next trip to Inhotim, leaving tomorrow. And if it was not for Felippe Moraes I could have missed this opportunity to visit this incredible Institute of Contemporary Art at just one hour far from Belo Horizonte! I am so excited... I will see Janet Cardiff and Olafur Eliasson permanent installations and much more surrounded by a natural Park and stunning architecture!


  1. go you delightful creature i am in love with the foam box concept love it

  2. Is the foam box installion going to be staged as an event on a particular day or set up to be viewed over time?