Friday, April 24, 2015


A special day spent preparing 'Enthogen' acoustic installation with Frado Monteiro who arrived at 10.30am this morning to set up the sound and frequencies like being inside of a real acoustic studio. It is not an easy task connecting four channels and 28 speakers! The curiosity of people at Largo das Artes expecting to hear the full composition is growing higher and higher but we are quite far away from a final result and the opening is on Wednesday! 

At 13.00 we needed to take a break and we went to have lunch at another vegetarian restaurant with Bodo Korsig and Carla Hermann. We passed through a lovely green nursery selling plants and flowers.

Back to Largo das Artes I  had a meeting with the Indio Paje' Tobi Itauna who I asked to initiate my acoustic installation, combining the old and the new, Indio and not Indio realities. He will purify the place with a special mix of burning herbs. Frado and I will need to be cleaned by negative energies included all the people coming to see the performance. Tobi found out that I have a problem with my back. My vertebrae are not straight and I need to use more the left arm than the right and doing special exercises everyday including tractions helped by another person!

We ended the meeting with an anthropophagic ritual and dance by breathing out our negative breath and breathing in the positive energy. Also Miguel Sayad took part of it! Tomorrow Tobi will come to my place where will do a ritual just for me in the garden/ forest where I lived for 3 months! What a great gift for my departure and maybe a sign I will come back to Rio de Janeiro again!

The illumination will be another important part for the installation to create atmosphere and Frado brought a very good lamp that we will install on the day of the opening. Lot of things to think about such how to hide the electrical cables, computer, amplifier!