Sunday, April 5, 2015


Last day in Paraty... where to go? I decided to visit Praia do Sono taking a bus and a little 'Caronte' boat and for the return a walk into the rain forest and the bus back to Paraty. When I arrived to Laranjeiras village waiting for the combi to take me to the boat, I met this funny guy making falofa crepes in the street surrounded by children...

When the combi arrived the driver let me know I couldn't taking photos of the special residence we pass through. It looked a very luxury place full of very rich people or maybe actors with private yacht and helicopters. Caronte boy was in charge of transporting me to the beach with his small boat called Biguidi.

Soon I realised that it was a fishermen village because lots of fishermen were sitting facing the sea and repairing the nets spread out into the sand. 

It was also a place where the sweet and salt water meet. The river from the rain forest and the sea from the ocean as it is for the Pororoca wave project. One swim into the ocean and one into the river to clean the salt form my burnt skin...

The walk back to the bus stop completed the journey with a panoramic view of the beach from the top and being totally immersed into the rainforest habitat.