Friday, April 10, 2015


One second trip with destination Rio de Janeiro/Belo Horizonte/Inhotim. I left Rio this morning at 8.15 am, the taxi couldn't reach the closer Santo Dumont Rio airport because the driver didn't know Rio at all and his GPS was not working. So I had to stop, get out from this taxi and take another one! Once arrived at the airport there was a long queue at the check in and finally I embarked into the shuttle to take the airplane Tam. Rio de Janeiro view in the air was sensational!

When I landed at Belo Horizonte the landscape had totally changed  from tropical sea to hilly and green valleys. Soon I realised that the cheap flight I took landed on the further airport because the taxi was costing 110 Reais! I found the collective bus costing 10 Reais stopping at Belo Horizonte rodoviario. 

From the bus window Belo Horizonte didn't look inspired at all, so I had an intuition. What about spend the afternoon at the much nicer historical town Ouro Preto? I was listening to Miguel Sayad's suggestion... Arrived at Belo Horizonte at 1.10pm I bought a return ticket (2 to 8pm) to Ouro Preto, took a taxi to Ibis Hotel and returned to rodoviario station just in time to take the bus leaving at 2pm! Thanks to Marcus, the taxi driver, that became a Ferrari pilot accelerating and jumping on the side of the road for making my dream possible. We made it!!! 

The view on the way to Ouro Preto transformed Belo Horizonte cement into a very bucolic and rocky scenery and I felt relieved! The colonial preserved Ouro Preto was stunning with several churches to visit. Unfortunately when I arrived at 4.15 I had to rush in order to visit the interiors because the churches were closing at 5pm!

The first church I visited was Matriz NS do Pilar with 10 Reais admission included the visit to the museum. "This is Brazil's most opulent church with 434kg of gold and silver and the finest showcase of artwork"! It was forbidden to take pictures but I became sneaky and I managed to take some shots!

The second church I visited was Sao Francisco de Assis another exquisite church and another 10 Reais admission, much more under surveillance and this time I could steal only one shot... And it was already 5pm! Outside the view was so picturesque with the hills on the background and myriads of stalls selling handcraft worked stones. 

Just beside the church I couldn't resist to stop for an early dinner, as I hadn't lunch, into the most refined restaurant I ever been since in Brazil! Antonio Dias Parish/ Bene' da Flauta with "two level of a gorgeous colonial  mansion". I had a traditional antipasto, a fantastic Bacalau soup and off course a caipirinha!

After dinner I took some other shots of Sao Francisco de Assis with a different light and including me as souvenir! Crossing Tiradentes square I went to photograph the amazing Santa Efigenia dos Pretos church totally built by slaves community!

Then I went to research for the best cachaca to buy for taking it at home in Sydney at Milagre de Minas where Lorayne gave me a lecture on which was the best choice! 

I couldn't miss Chocolates Ouro Preto either for its hot chocolate! I really spoilt myself today!!!! After a stroll around the town I ended the day taking some spooky photos of myself projected into the wall of the last church closer to Rodoviario station. A way to say good bye to Ouro Preto.