Saturday, April 4, 2015


What a marvellous day! I started the day with  the closer encounter of the Sagui the smallest monkey I ever seen and of beautiful birds eating on the bird feeder during breakfast at the Entalagem Colonial Posada where I am staying. 

To avoid Saturday Easter weekenders I decided to buy a trip with the faster and longer distance boat to visit other beaches. For the first time I could enjoy a sunny day with no clouds in the sky!!! It was stunning!

The best stop was at the beach with the Sugar Loaf  mountain on the background with fishermen living there where I could eat fresh quality fish and doing some nice shots!

I even succeed to make a deal with the captain of the boat to leave me in one of the islands and picking me up after 3 hours instead to go back so soon, thanks to the translation of Caroline and Juoan... (photo 2) Unfortunately that island was very crowded with all sort of local tourists and paparazzi photographers! 

At 4pm I was well cooked by the sun, just when the captain (photo 2) and the skipper (photo1)  arrived to pick me up! The way back to Paraty was another light experience! 

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