Monday, April 13, 2015


Time to return to Rio de Janeiro. I left the hotel Hibis at 11.30am after having strolled around the nearby Park and Library of Belo Horizonte..

Just in front of the Luiz de Bessa Library there were these four impressive statues. They looked so real that was like I was waiting fort hem to talk when Italia came along suggesting to take a photo of me between the statues. Italia - her name- was a generous soul volunteering for the deaf and mute people.

The Plaza de Liberdade Park had a good vibe with all sort of people relaxing even if it was  Monday morning from gardeners, children, artists and nomad people.

Then was already time to go...I took a Sistina Chapel's photo just before landing...

... and then out at night in Rio to an opening with Miguel Sayad
Bodo Korsig, Timea Tihanyi, Devaney Claro and Ricardo Castro. The place was at Oi Futuro with the artist Eija - Liisa Antila showing several video installations about 'Sobre Assuntos Desconhecidos Naturez do Milagrese e Possibilidades da Perceco'.

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  1. Nice. A friend of mine, Charles, lived in Belo Horizonte for a while. What a great time you are having.