Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Today back to Largo das Artes where I met the 3 new artists in residence for the month of April. During Largolab with Felippe Moraes I had the opportunity to see their work and sharing ideas of our projects together. They are such a great and talented artists! Bodo Korsig from Berlin, Germany (photo 4), Timea Tihanyi from Seattle (photo 2) and Sarah Beatty from New York (photo 3). 

It took me a while before getting used to my studio again. I decided to dismount 'Zenite' so I could move on with the next project that consists in giving back to the street all the poly-foam boxes I utilised for my work based on the concept of cultural Brazilian identity. During Largo lab I presented all my ideas as a sort of free storming. The most coherent idea seemed to be that I will donate one box and multicolours tapes to the people of the road and in exchange of this free items they will seal the boxes with the tape and ready to be used for selling cold drinks. I will make a picture of it including the creator.


And then Frado Monteiro arrived and he found some other speakers that were not working properly so tomorrow morning I will need to go back to Sabino Som shop and beg Samuel Urias to repair them. Frado spent all the afternoon testing and connecting the woofers. He did such a great job!

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