Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Waiting for Ricardo buying the bread and doing a delicious breakfast I went for a quick tour in Paraty. It is so quite here because there cars are not allowed to run in the historical centre. Also the cats are relaxed and enjoying the view from the window!

Once back, I had a delicious breakfast at Estalagem Colonial with plenty of fresh fruits, scramble egg, cheese and ham, honey and butter and a natural orange juice! Ricardo really spoilt me today!

Then up to Trinidade tour and trekking by the rain forest until the natural pool Caixadaco. It was a very good experience and starting to know the place crossing through fresh waters coming from the mountains and several beaches. This is the first beach.

This is the second and third beach and the crossing of the fresh water into the rain forest....

The guide Francesco gave us some lessons how to eat wild almonds and apricots and drink fresh waters ....arrived to the pool crowded with people and dogs!!

And then back to Paraty to meet Indio and the ceramist Lulu Silva Telles. This week end is the ceramists big event!

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