Sunday, April 12, 2015


A second day at Inhotim. I wanted to absorb even more the meaning of my preferred contemporary artists's artworks. Starting with Alexandre da Cunha in 'Natureza Morta' with still life objects in particular Esmeraldina, 2004 made with disposable plastic bottles. Humorous and ironic the work seems like a very pricy collection of antiquity but in reality is just colourful plastic. I even found out that in Portuguese honey sucker is called beiza flor

Then I went to listen to Janett Cardiff '40 Part Motet' (2001), 40 audio track audio installation with duration of 14:07 minutes and this what I wrote:

Adriana Varejaio gave me so much new information about her masterpiece called 'Celacanto Provoca Maremoto' 2004-2008, oil and gesso on canvas visiting historical and cultural references. Practically is based on the legend of the Celacanto fish that provokes seaquakes with the reference to the Portuguese culture of tiles brought in Brazil during its colonisation. I even found out that honey sucker is called beiza flor or kiss flower in Portuguese.

Another gallery I revisited was that one of Janet Cardiff and Miller with the 'Murder of Craws', 1998 where I discovered that Janet is a singer as well and I wrote more about the sound and their symphony narrated concert.

I analysed also deeper Rivane Neuenschwander work called 'Continentem Nuvem', 2007 made with propylene sheets, styrofoamballs, fluorescent lamps and electric fans. And I discovered another work of her in Galeria Fonte called 'Conversation', 2002.

Another research  I did it was to find out the very rare species present in garden like this walking tree Paxiuba that travels by digging its roots in different positions.

Another research  I did it was find out the very rare species present in garden like this walking ...and the mortal plant called Petiviera Aliacea and popular name called Guine' and many others traditional of the Mata Forest.

The only sad episode that happened to me today it was that I lost my preferred ring I bought from Cristina Pizsy. I was becoming affectioned to it, the reason why the Universe want it back! In a way I am pleased to have lost this sacred ring in such an artistic place! What's happened was that when I went to the toilet first thing in the morning, I washed my hands taking out the ring and leaving it on the sink. I forgot the ring there and when I realised it, it was too late, it was disappeared. It is so a shame because it had a Indio spirit in it, the honey sucker appeared for the last time and other birds and animals to let me know: don't worry it will be fine.


  1. Then when I took the map of the art centre for orientation it was folded in a way that I could read only this word: GIVE UP. So I learnt a lesson not to be so attached to material things...

  2. you do have a universe that communicates with you and you listen