Monday, April 27, 2015


Today I woke up while it was still raining cleansing the air and the energy like Tobi Utuna did for all of us preparing our spirit to the big event on Wednesday!

I spent all day at Largo das Artes with Frado Monteiro refining the sound once more and matching it with the frequencies. I cannot believe we will finish by tomorrow just in time! The most difficult part is to balance each woofer to its own frequencies and spices/herbs. I don't know yet how I will hide the electrical cords probably with transparent tape.

Miguel Sayad  and Paola organised a fair well for my departure, on Wednesday night, with soup and a delicious Portuguese white wile! Together with Ricardo Castro, Sarah Beatty and Boldo Korsig.

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  1. the wire is part of the exhibit why hide the source of the energy
    love you