Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Back to work. This morning I finished researching about the meaning of the herbs & spices to use for the acoustic installation when Pereira company arrived with a small truck to install the 3 metallic bars in the ceiling. Finally I can start to hang the woofers!!! It took like one month but this is like Rio works.

During Largo Lab this afternoon we shared our work in progress... I, Sarah Beatty, Bodo KorsigTimea Tihanyi and Ricardo Castro in collaboration with Felippe Moraes.

Frado Monteiro arrived at Largo das Artes soon after that and we finalised the symphony made of different sounds recorded all around Rio and Paraty. We had a small break eating tapioca in the nearby square and buying some plastic cords to secure the wood positioned on top of the metallic beams. 'Tapioca what a delight' is what is written on the back of this lady selling and cooking tapioca filled up with coconut and cheese!

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  1. amazing day
    look at you with all this metal hanging system
    i love you
    you are amazing