Thursday, April 23, 2015


Another holiday for Brazilians, the day of Sao George that is a Saint celebrated by Catholics and African Umbanda believers. Lots of devotee of Sao Jorge, also known as Saint George, lights candles during the celebrations of Sao Jorge's day in Rio de Janeiro on April 23. Sao Jorge, called Ogum in the Afro-Brazilian religion Umbanda, is one of the most popular saints in Brazil, with the belief that the saint provides protection against any evil for the faithful. I couldn't go to see the event and various Missa but I am willing to go to the parade next Sunday at Sao George church....

I did other 3 stories for Barato's reportage and than I decided to go out for lunch with my best friends Ricardo Castro and Sarah Beatty. We went to  Da Cozinhacafe situated at the Naif Art museum courtyard. The owner and the waiter will come to our opening on the 29th of April 2015 and being an artists supporter maybe she will sponsor us by bringing some crostini antipasto for free! 

The complicity between us three is unique! While at the table I, Sarah Beatty and Ricardo Castro made a promise to each other that we will follow our signs in order to meet again in two years for doing a project together!

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