Friday, April 17, 2015


Yesterday night I went to the launching of Gabriela Machado photographic book " Rever" at Parque Lage. There was a very good talk by Gabriela, the curator of the book and a photographer. The intent of this book was to transform the medium of photography into drawing, painting and aquarelle within a poetic and meditative experience. I felt very happy to have seen Gabriela and support her work.

Today it was so rewarding seeing my work growing and blossoming moment by moment. 'Entheogen' is going to be a vey good immersive experience while preparing the installation and testing the hanging system and woofers. Frado Monteiro was not well today so I had to keep going and follow my schedule. I went to collect the last 5 woofers repaired by Samuel Urias at Sabino Som. Samuel tested the sound of each single woofers. Cross fingers now I have the completed series. 

On the way back to Largo das Artes I went to visit the nearby Gentil Carioca gallery that consisted of 2 buildings gallery and one wall.  This time the wall was adorned by pots and plants while the gallery was showing 'Cabelo obligado volte sempre'.

Once at Largo das Artes I started to mount the woofers in collaboration with Joao. What an incredible feeling I had watching at the techno Amazonia forest becoming alive!

I even tried to see how it will look like with the illumination casting shadows all around the wall. It was very atmospheric. Next move will be to test the sound and herbs/spices.

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