Wednesday, April 15, 2015


This morning I had appointment with Sinval, nick named Paulista, at 12am at Largo do S.Francisco. He had to write the text for 'Barato' installation that will happen tomorrow. I prepared for him the phrases to write with acrylic paint and brush. A huge thanks to Consuelo Bassanesi and Frederico Pellachin for the editing. It was very hard to explain to Sinval how to write with a brush and paint but I managed it thanks also to the help of Joao, a Brazilian  artist that Consuelo Bassanesi suggested me to hire for the day. Joao arrived at Largo das Artes for helping me with the other acoustic installation and he was also the right person to translate my Portuguese to Sinval. In the end Sinval was very proud of his job and of 10 Reais... I think he went to celebrate with the other friends drinking beer! I was also proud of him: he did a very unique handwriting signage!

A big thanks also to Devenay Claro that helped me to write the instructions in Portuguese for tomorrow happening! 

Back to Largo das Artes to organise the hanging structure. Practically I decided to use extra wooden beams in order to be able to hang in a zig-zag way instead of only a linear one. I instructed Joao to cut the wood and darkened with liquid bitume so to match the rust look of the iron beams. 

Than also the friendly curator Carla Hermann arrived as well at 3.30pm and she gave me a great input and inspiration including useful links such as Opavivara's 2011 performance called 'Serve Service Paje', Indio music made of young Indios bands and 'Potlatch' a sort of canadiens indigenous ritualistic way to give gifts and destroyed them. 

Soon after that Frado Monteiro (photo 1 and 3) arrived and stayed for a brief moment just in time to explain how to add the plastic joints to fix the wooden beams to the metallic one. Then I and Joao  worked until 7pm and we achieved to position 29 strings! Next Friday we will complete the structure by hanging the woofers as well so that the installation will be ready to test the sound next Monday. I am very pleased with that as the opening will be happening in only 7 working days!!!

Then I and Joao  worked until 7pm and we achieved to position 29 strings! Next Friday we will complete the structure by hanging. All three of us tried to draw a lay out of the position for the beams and hanging strings... in the end it was better to follow the intuition and physically suspending the strings, so to feel the space with them.