Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I am working at two installations right now at the same time! 'Entheogen' the acoustic installation and 'Barato' that investigates the reversed way to give back to the street what it belong to. The poly-foam boxes I used for the previous installation 'Zenite' have to return to the real life but at one condition: I will exchange such a item not with money but with the alive Brazilian street culture that makes things in order to survive. I will invite people to cover the entire box with colourful masking tapes like the street vendors use to do to maintain the ice cool in order to sell the cold drinks conserved inside of the box. Then I will photograph their artwork including the people as well to record the experience. So today I was observing how the Brazilian street sellers are sitting, displaying and packaging their boxes.

Than I went to the Saara market and bought lots of colourful masking tape that I displayed inside of wooden sticks once back to Largo das Artes.

It was so exciting today seeing the other 'Entheogen' acoustic installation progressing while Frado Monteiro was connecting the 4 outputs so that the sound was well distributed all around the room bouncing from one woofer to another. 

It order to celebrate such a great event I decided to join Largo das Artes' team including Sara Beatty, Frado Monteiro and Frederico Pellachin. We went to an artist performance called Karaokecrime @ Capacete. Capacete is "a new one year program in the city of Rio de Janeiro with 12 international artists dedicated to research and practice in the art and practical thought" ( We sang, dance, drink and eat fabolous food made by Capacete artists! A really great experience shared together with other two Brazilian artists Anton Steenbock (photo 9) and Caroline Valansi (photo 12)...I couldn't resist to have another caipirinha!  

We left at 10.30pm when the neighbours started to complain for the noise and when we felt we needed to sleep in order to be ready for a new day of work... in the Gloria metro we took opposite directions Frederico Pellachin towards the nord and us towards the south...


  1. This is really cool! Last year I went to a vernissage of foreign artists at Largo das Artes and it was lovely!
    I don't have any info on "Capacete", where can I read more about it online?

    I live in Glória, btw =)

    Best regards,

  2. go to their website:

  3. love the inclusive work of the foam boxes and coloured tape look forward to seeing the results