Monday, April 20, 2015


All I want to say today is that I had an incredible serendipity moment. I was planning to write a letter to Tobi, the Indio I met yesterday at Parque Lage who he is willing to come at Largo das Artes to initiate my Entheogen's installation. He will select the herbs and seeds as he has a deep knowledge about it and than he will start and end the acoustic ritual. All I had to do was to ask to Devaney Claro  for the translation.

Then before Frado Monteiro arrived I went out to eat one coconut tapioca but the chef was not I decided to eat a toast instead. The boy invited me to sit and to have a free drink. I almost blowed away when I saw the name of the bottle's label: TOBI Guarana'! From this moment I knew that Tobi was communicating to me and that he was going to help me reinforcing the spiritual context of my techno installation! It was such a coincidence!

Frado Monteiro came to finalise the electrical cords but still no sound coming out from his work. By Wednesday he will be able to finish this important part and dedicate more time to the sound and frequencies. Also Joao appeared in the scene to adjust the last woofer's position while I was coordinating everybody and grating the nutmeg to use for its delicious scent.


  1. the princess of serendipity you are as doors open you walk on through that is just one of your gifts