Friday, April 3, 2015


Yesterday night I went eating at Thai Brazil,  Marina Schlaghaufer's restaurant. She is such a character (photo 8). Marina came from Germany to live in Paraty long time ago and she loves what she does. The food is superlative and the place quite unique!

Then I went to Holy Week celebration with the traditional Procissao do Fogareo at midnight. The procession was made by a group of people wearing red cardinal dresses and carrying the statue of Jesus Christ. There was a man chanting all the saints and others playing a very unique bell's instrument. Followed by a torchlight procession the men were walking through the historical centre onto the irregular cobblestones, making it even harder. I filmed the procession and recorded the chanting most all the time.

This morning I went to visit Cachoeira Toboga' a natural water slide ending into an idyllic pool surrounded by jungle and other waterfalls. If it was not for a boy that thought me how to slide, I couldn't have done it because it was scary, plus the water was pure ice! The local people became so skilled that they slide the water as they were surfing!

I didn't feel to cross the suspended bridge to grab my preferred drink caipirinha at Bar do Tarzan... one emotion was enough for me! I filmed instead a beautidul procession of ants carrying green leaves in the rain forest, some make profit of a lift staying on top of the leaf carried by other ants... I wonder what they were doing with it!

Inspired by such an ecosystem experience I decided to go inside of Armazem Paraty an Indio shop. It is a kind of a place that you would like to stay for hours and buy everything if you could... I met in there Wara Sahuira (photo 3) that explained all about the videos and the book I was going to buy. She is descendent from Indio tribe as her grandmother was Indio but she cannot find out which tribe is belonging to. I hope to have insights from such a pure culture to apply to my 'Entheogen' installation once back to Rio de Janeiro!

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  1. your face while sliding on the rock made me laugh sooo fun i can not imagine you look wonderful