Thursday, April 16, 2015

Largo das Artes: day 74

What a memorable day spent with the local and homeless people. 'Barato' happening went very well. People trusted me and they were curious to watch and be part of such a creative experience. I started to delimitate the area in the square with a yellow tape in collaboration with Paulista.

Then we positioned the written panels and the coloured masking tapes. The yellow tape helped people working inside of a community circle. 

Than we positioned the poly-foam boxes in the middle well spread out so they were looking more appealing and easier to choose. At the beginning of this process I was alone with Paulista but then Consuelo Bassanesi arrived to help me followed by Sarah Beatty, Frederico PellachinTimea Tihanyi, Chris Castro, Devaney and Julia. 

Paulista was the first to try. So he wrote the name an his origin on the back of the boxes' lid, posed for  photos and started to insulate the box with coloured masking tape. At the end, we photographed the box insulated with and without the artist.

...and many others followed Paulista example. They were all very involved and in the end they went away proud of their creative work, singing, having in mind to donate the box to the daughter getting married or to their closer friends...they even forgot to ask to be paid with money, the boxes they made were enough for them!