Monday, April 6, 2015


I left Paraty at 9am leaving behind the memories...being at Paraty was magical and the Pousada Estalagem Colonial was the best place to be with spoilt by friendly Ricardo and his old dog... (photo 4).

The trip from Paraty to Rio was a very scenic one! Lot of panoramic views of the cost made the trip even better. Sad to see though that there was a nuclear energy centre right there on the cost... (photo 6)

Along the way I read my new book about an Indio's dream - Huni Kui -  that had the vision to write the name of the Amazonia's plants and their medical properties ...Indio also came to visit the Armazem Paraty shop yesterday night at Paraty to see how their handcraft items are sold there. Such a special event is shown in their facebook: armazemparaty

Welcome back to Rio! After 9 days of not Rio I almost forgot how crazy and overwhelming it could be!  In fact the regular yellow taxi had not the odometer so I had to pay 10 Reais more than usual, the traffic was crazy and once arrived at my accommodation there was a double blackout because of the wind and the problem with electricity in all Rio in general! 


  1. Love top photo collection from jungle?

  2. Is Rio crazier than Sao Paulo?

  3. yes Sally, Rio is super crazy .. the collection is from the sea in the beaches around Paraty...